Definition of Carolina parakeet in English:

Carolina parakeet


  • A small long-tailed parakeet with mainly green plumage and a yellow and orange head. It was formerly common in the eastern US but was exterminated by about 1920.

    Conuropsis or 'Aratinga' carolinensis, family Psittacidae

    • ‘Whenever I look into the green leaves of the trees in my neighborhood and see the black-hooded parakeets camouflaged there, I think of the poor Carolina parakeet.’
    • ‘Consider Incas, the last Carolina parakeet, who, writes Rosamond Purcell, ‘died in his cage in the Cincinnati Zoo on February 21, 1918, only six months after the death of Lady Jane, his companion of 32 years.’’
    • ‘A few birds did disappear: the ivorybilled woodpecker, which is thought to be extinct, and the Carolina parakeet and Bachman's warbler.’
    • ‘A recent convert to birdwatching has collected information on such extinct birds as the Carolina parakeet, the ivory-billed woodpecker, and the heath hen in a poetic, passionate effort to ‘restory’ the past.’
    • ‘When they crossed the Kansas River, Clark described encountering a large flock of ‘Parrot queets,’ now thought to be the handsome, bright green and yellow Carolina parakeet, the last of which died in the Cincinnati Zoo in 1918.’
    • ‘Along the Red River in 18o6 he describes a rich abundance of animal species including the Carolina parakeet, cougar, plains buffalo, wolf, and peregrine falcon.’
    • ‘When the author gained access to a museum specimen of the vanished Carolina parakeet, collected during this earlier era, he found himself deeply moved, ‘caught in a matrix of awe, grief, disgust, and despair’.’
    • ‘Bears were gone from East Texas, as were wild turkeys, ivory-billed woodpeckers, jaguars, Carolina parakeets and red wolves.’