Definition of Carnivora in English:


plural noun

  • An order of mammals that comprises the cats, dogs, bears, hyenas, weasels, civets, raccoons, and mongooses. They are distinguished by having powerful jaws and teeth adapted for stabbing, tearing, and eating flesh.

    • ‘It is also true that not all Carnivora are carnivorous; some, such as bears and raccoons, are decidedly omnivorous, and at least one, the panda, is primarily vegetarian.’
    • ‘Over 90% of the large mammalian specimens recovered represent members of the order Carnivora.’
    • ‘Marine mammals are divided into three orders: Carnivora, Sirenia and Cetacea.’
    • ‘The Northern immigrants to South America included the rodents, Carnivora (bears, cats, dogs, etc.), llamas and horses, bovids (particularly deer), and the tapirs and elephants.’
    • ‘Unlike Primates, extreme differences in diet can be found in other mammalian orders such as Carnivora.’