Definition of Carnatic in English:



  • Of or denoting the main style of classical music in southern India, as distinct from the Hindustani music of the north.

    ‘Carnatic music’
    • ‘An Indonesian dancer created his own movements to a song in Carnatic music.’
    • ‘Hindustani and Carnatic were the main divisions of classical music that could lead people to devotion.’
    • ‘Saturday's programme will begin with a Carnatic music concert by Vijaylakshmy Subramanium.’
    • ‘Kuppusamy mixed Carnatic with folk music and simultaneously explained how ragas should be handled in the latter.’
    • ‘Shashank appreciated the all-night Carnatic music concerts being held in Bangalore since last year.’
    • ‘The maestro is known for casting a spell on his audience with his soul-stirring rendition of Carnatic music.’
    • ‘The musically inclined can look forward to an array of Carnatic music concerts, flute recital and a grand violin concert.’
    • ‘A stickler for classicism, he does not want to dilute Carnatic music.’
    • ‘Maruthi plays the tabla and the mridangam and also plays Carnatic music on a keyboard.’
    • ‘Connoisseurs of both Hindustani and Carnatic music will definitely have a lot to look forward to this October.’
    • ‘He told them about the vast range of Carnatic music and how the ragas are classified under this system.’
    • ‘In many films he has demonstrated his skill over Carnatic music, handling some difficult ragas.’
    • ‘I found my feet dancing to the lilting ragas of Carnatic classical music.’
    • ‘There are two basic styles of Indian music, the Carnatic and the Hindustani.’
    • ‘The ghatam is a large clay pot, used in Carnatic classical music as a percussion instrument.’
    • ‘Ramadass is one of few musicians who have adapted the harmonium to Carnatic music.’
    • ‘Strains of Carnatic classical music can be heard from almost every other home in Chennai city.’
    • ‘Led by Seema Murthy, the singers sang a wide selection of songs from Carnatic classical to Hindustani classical music.’
    • ‘By linking film music with Carnatic she tries to make laymen understand the importance of Carnatic music.’
    • ‘The Navarthri Mandapam has the distinction of staging Carnatic music concerts in a unique manner.’


Anglicization of Karnataka in SW India.