Definition of carnaptious in English:



Scottish, Irish
  • Bad-tempered and argumentative.

    ‘the endless round of interviews appears to have made him carnaptious’
    • ‘He was a good soldier: sour, carnaptious, and derisive, but when you hesitated at the bunker entrance, he would be there.’
    • ‘Cranky and carnaptious, he vented his spleen in satires and clumsy lampoons.’
    • ‘He was wildly popular with his audiences in spite of being a carnaptious fellow.’
    • ‘It is only when they get to 11 or 12 that these dogs become a bit carnaptious.’
    • ‘Carnaptious and caustic, his intransigence could make him, by turn, infuriating and impossible to work with.’


Mid 19th century: from intensifying prefix car- + knap in the sense ‘bite, snap’ + suffix -tious.