Definition of Carley float in English:

Carley float


  • A large emergency raft carried on board ship, consisting of a buoyant canvas ring with a wooden grid deck.

    • ‘Immediately men began to abandon ship, jumping over the side to the Carley floats and any available debris.’
    • ‘But before I get ahead of myself, I would like to explain that our ship was equipped with Carley floats.’
    • ‘One of the Carley floats was nearby and somebody was offering his hand and saying, ‘Here you are, sir’.’
    • ‘With a pair or so of Carley floats decorating her side and several overall coats of drab grey she constituted a mockery of what she had once been.’
    • ‘The survivors were those who managed to scramble onto Carley floats and were picked up by other ships which, against convoy orders, had stood by the Persier in mountainous seas and force 7 winds.’
    • ‘Some of the crew tried to get ashore in Carley floats but were blown past the island, drifted miles to a lee shore and where found by Icelanders.’
    • ‘By this time many men had given up, let go their hold on Carley floats or wreckage and sank from sight.’
    • ‘The sailor's body was found soon after in a Carley float.’
    • ‘The Campbeltown certainly fits this profile, it consists of a hull, five superstructure pieces, weapons, Carley floats, mast, and several other minor parts all cast in crisply molded resin.’
    • ‘While eight of the crew probably went down with her, the remainder escaped and managed to get into Carley floats on the water.’
    • ‘Some time after these men had been got on board the Granli, while the sea was still rough, with a heavy swell and fresh wind, a Carley float, on which were six men, was sighted.’
    • ‘Practically the last men picked up from Repulse were on a Carley float well laden.’
    • ‘Only those who made it to a Carley float had any chance at all.’
    • ‘Two and a half hours later all those on or around the Carley float were rescued by a corvette.’
    • ‘At about 3.30 p.m. a Carley float overtook us in the race for the cutter.’
    • ‘Coward's first script was much too long, but he eventually came up with the idea of the Carley float as a device to flashback to some of the best scenes he had written, focusing on just three of the survivors.’
    • ‘The survivors abandoned ship in two boats, a Carley float and a raft.’
    • ‘Although some men were jumping over the side of the crippled vessel, and two Carley floats had cleared the ship, there were a good many still on board, some of them wounded.’
    • ‘He reached him, supported him back to the Carley float, and the men were soon back on board ship.’
    • ‘At her stern are the Carley floats and a large deck cargo which lies under tarpaulins.’


Early 20th century: named after Horace S. Carley ( fl 1900), American inventor.


Carley float