Definition of care label in English:

care label


  • A label giving instructions for the washing and care of a fabric or garment.

    • ‘The kits are pre-cut patterns from nylon pack-cloth, which also include thread, webbing and hardware, care label and instructions.’
    • ‘As a result, he says, there is a growing trend to put permanent bar codes on apparel, such as in care labels.’
    • ‘Look for machine wash and dry on the care label, and take a close look at the fabric and construction to make sure it's quality crafted for long wearing good looks.’
    • ‘However, the care label calls for no fabric softener to be used and suggests that the consumer iron the pants after every fifth wash cycle.’
    • ‘There are spelling mistakes, the print is wonky, the setting of words completely misinterpreted, and to top it all, a font that I've never in my life used, appears in three random words on the care label.’
    • ‘The care label is a guide for both the consumer and the dry cleaner.’
    • ‘Perhaps you can find a manufacturer's care label under the cushions?’
    • ‘If you put a care label under the brand label, it would really ruin the whole thing.’
    • ‘Thus we all become care label skeptics, defying the labels without hesitation.’
    • ‘Consult the garment care label or properties of individual fibers listed in this booklet.’
    • ‘Remember to read and follow the care labels on your bedding created from microfiber.’


care label