Definition of care home in English:

care home


  • A small institution providing accommodation and care for people who are unable to look after themselves:

    ‘Mrs Butler is the oldest resident at the care home, where the average age is 86’
    • ‘They have tried in vain to find a respite place in a care home with suitable facilities.’
    • ‘Many years ago, I accompanied a friend to visit her rather confused great-grandmother who had recently moved to a residential care home.’
    • ‘Even if the local council pays some or all of the cost of your care, you still have some rights to choose your care home.’
    • ‘Elderly people living in care homes currently get to "keep" £17.50 for their own private use, and to pay for everyday items such as hairdressing, clothes, toiletries and family gifts.’
    • ‘Having a carer pop in to help them a couple of times a day is working fine at the moment but my mother-in-law occasionally mentions the idea that the two of them would be better off in one of the local care homes.’
    • ‘Set that against the growth in the elderly population (the number requiring care homes is projected to double in 50 years) and it doesn't take a genius to see that there's a problem.’
    • ‘The night time rules will not apply to young workers in hospital, care homes, or cultural, artistic and sports activities.’
    • ‘Most people in care homes do not pay all their own fees and do not qualify for the winter fuel payment.’
    • ‘Nine years ago he entered a well-run local care home.’
    • ‘But finding a nice residential or nursing care home that will also take a husband and wife together is difficult.’
    • ‘As soon as they'd given up the hope of finding my mother, I was immediately placed in a foster care home with the Walker's.’
    • ‘If care homes are going to survive they will have to provide quality, private facilities.’
    • ‘She is in an assisted care home, having had lung surgery.’
    • ‘At the time he was living on the streets, having run away from his care home.’
    • ‘Good care homes are full and bad ones have vacancies, allowing everyone to say there is spare capacity in the system.’
    • ‘In this sense young people are victimised within and by a range of institutions which have a duty of care towards them, such as care homes, young offender institutions and the police.’
    • ‘My mother is 78 and lives in a care home.’
    • ‘A care home is the obvious answer, but Martha's will states that if one of the sisters does not take her in, Pauline gets all the money.’
    • ‘Pensioners living in care homes could lose part of their Pension Credit, under measures proposed by the Department of Health.’
    • ‘She has been an inspector for Cleveleys Park for many years and she confirmed that the standard of the care home was satisfactory.’