Definition of cardio in English:



mass nouninformal
  • Cardiovascular exercise.

    • ‘I think I'll go to the gym and just do some quick cardio or something and then sit in the sauna.’
    • ‘At the gym, I continued with my cardio and started weight training to build muscle.’
    • ‘The trainer told Stacie she was doing too much cardio and needed to weight train to build muscle.’
    • ‘Aim to hit the gym three to four times a week and make sure you do both cardio and weight training.’
    • ‘Light cardio is usually okay, but lifting weights or heavy cardio workouts should be saved for sometime after your breakfast.’
    • ‘Her workouts are as diverse as her resume, ranging from weights and cardio to yoga.’
    • ‘Instead of cramming weights and cardio into the same workout, do them separately.’
    • ‘Tomorrow morning is Yoga and cardio for sure, and maybe I will do some arms.’
    • ‘My plan is to try and go every day before work and alternate weight training and cardio.’
    • ‘Just when you thought you were safe and the workout was over, it's time for cardio.’
    • ‘In this phase, you'll do resistance training twice and cardio three times per week.’
    • ‘Anyway, their secret is lifting weights and doing cardio, and eating healthily.’
    • ‘Attempting to do a lot of cardio after a hard weight training workout would be counterproductive.’
    • ‘In fact, you'll get better results by changing your mode of exercise every time you do cardio.’
    • ‘Well you need to go to the gym, lift weights, do some cardio, and follow a diet.’
    • ‘If you have to do cardio and lifting during the same session, do cardio after lifting.’
    • ‘To test your own training intensity during cardio, say a few lines from a favorite song or poem.’
    • ‘We concentrated on resistance and cardio and I started to make some headway with my weight loss.’
    • ‘A lot of people think cardio makes you shrink, but cardio can actually help you gain muscle.’
    • ‘It's surprisingly doable, and going to the gym is less daunting once cardio is out of the way.’