Definition of cardinal fish in English:

cardinal fish


  • A small brightly coloured fish found in shallow tropical seas around reefs. The male often broods the eggs in his mouth.

    Family Apogonidae: several genera, in particular Apogon, and numerous species

    • ‘However, the Japanese cardinal fish deserves special mention.’
    • ‘We slowly circled around it, admiring the prolific fish life and invertebrates, including 5 species of clownfish, blue-ringed angels, and loads of cardinal fish.’
    • ‘The seas teem with mullet, squid, cuttlefish, cardinal fish, and it is here they swarm in a forest of wire coral and black coral reefs.’
    • ‘Morays, congers, scorpionfish, parrot fish, damsel fish, most of the 20 different species of wrasse found in the Med, cardinal fish, saupe, corb and langouste all make regular appearances on dives in the reserve.’
    • ‘A general lack of other marine life is evident here; a few small perch are seen, along with cardinal fish and small sea snakes.’
    • ‘Out in the blue, barracuda cruise, along with solitary amberjack, while posses of bright orange cardinal fish skulk in small caves, waiting for the cover of night, and teams of larger corb do likewise in the more spacious caverns.’