Definition of cardan joint in English:

cardan joint


  • another term for universal joint
    • ‘The regulation of the deport is performed by cardan joint or by such a working cylinder which is pushing the shaft on a rail.’
    • ‘Dynamically it just looks like a double cardan joint to me, based on the second video.’
    • ‘Long headlands and possible accidents are avoided by the absence of the above mentioned cardan joints.’
    • ‘The cardan joints, type SIN with cross pins made from steel, have features in common with cross joints.’
    • ‘Its cardan shafts and cardan joints, on the other hand, were later destined to become famous.’


Early 20th century: named after Gerolamo Cardano (1501–76), Italian mathematician.


cardan joint

/ˈkɑːd(ə)n ˌdʒɔɪnt/