Definition of card table in English:

card table


  • A table for playing cards on, typically having legs that fold flat for storage and a baize surface.

    • ‘In the center of the room was a square table, flimsy like a card table.’
    • ‘A feeble card table covered in a plastic table cloth struggled to support a cheesy punch bowl surrounded by untouched cups and overflowing snack baskets.’
    • ‘A pack of cards appeared and, before anybody could protest, my father's folding card table with the green baize top had been set up.’
    • ‘Ken, you and Derek set up the card table in the kitchen.’
    • ‘Or, drag out your card table, set it up in a nice shady spot - perhaps under your favorite shade tree - and away you go!’
    • ‘He answered and we all gathered around their big card table.’
    • ‘He sat on the sofa and read while I scribbled at a card table.’
    • ‘So that's how I found myself sitting at a card table bearing two large bowls full of miniature candy bars on Halloween, thinking glumly about all the fun I was missing at Susie's party and how bored I was.’
    • ‘The dining area consisted of a sink with a rust-speckled faucet, a tiny metal storage refrigerator, a toaster oven, and an olive-green card table.’
    • ‘They simply sat around a card table, and glanced over at the console every once in a while.’
    • ‘The Sheraton card table between the windows is inlaid with rectangular birch panels and was made in Boston about 1805.’
    • ‘The collection of poker chips, card stacks, hotel key cards and do-not-disturb signs were attached to the card table and surrounding mat board using hot glue.’
    • ‘Cover a floor area with a drop cloth and set up a card table or sawhorse/plywood work surface over the cloth.’
    • ‘And no, it's not people knocking down elaborate domino displays; it's just four old guys sitting around a card table playing dominoes.’
    • ‘They both got their plates and sat at the card table.’
    • ‘Other traditions associated with luck at the card table includes the idea that cards should never be picked up by the left hand, and cards should never be touched until the whole hand has been dealt.’
    • ‘The second floor consisted of mostly study rooms, and an entertainment room, where there was a pool table, a card table, and other games.’
    • ‘Elijah sat in the control center, at the folding card table that the crew had brought in, dealing the cards.’
    • ‘The group consists of two dressing bureaus, two pier tables, one card table, one worktable, and one sideboard.’
    • ‘By the way, you can use this method of recovering a surface with any surface; I just happened to have a card table crying for attention.’


card table