Definition of carcinoid in English:



  • A tumour of a type occurring in the glands of the intestine (especially the appendix) or in the bronchi, and sometimes secreting hormones.

    • ‘Although appendiceal carcinoids are potentially lethal neoplasms, tumor eradication is usually feasible and effective.’
    • ‘Sarcomas are the most common neoplasm, followed by carcinoids and adenocarcinomas.’
    • ‘The current names used for this group of tumors are tumorlets, carcinoids, atypical carcinoids, large cell carcinomas with neuroendocrine features, and small cell carcinomas.’
    • ‘Adenocarcinoma is the most common malignant gastric neoplasm, whereas a gastric carcinoid is relatively uncommon, and the coexistence of adenocarcinoma and a typical carcinoid tumor is rare.’
    • ‘Regarding lymph node metastasis, our case was distinguished from the 5 previously reported cases of gastric collision tumor composed of adenocarcinoma and the carcinoid.’


Late 19th century: from an abbreviation of carcinoma + -oid.