Definition of carburetted in English:


(US carbureted)


  • (of a vehicle or engine) having fuel supplied through a carburettor, rather than an injector.

    • ‘The front brake pads were visible through the slots in the 12-in, wheels, which made it easy to determine when new ones were needed, and the carbureted pushrod motor - which produced a claimed 88 hp - was bog-simple.’
    • ‘Warranties currently in effect will continue until their original expiration dates, two years from the date of sale for fuel-injected engines and one year from the date of sale for carbureted engines.’
    • ‘An inspection and possible repair of the O-ring must be performed on certain carbureted models.’
    • ‘Though many of the original Funny Car pioneers switched back to carbureted Super Stockers, Grove learned how to run a supercharged engine with great skill.’
    • ‘He has spent the last 16 years designing the truly revolutionary Race Pump for carbureted small-block Chevy engines.’
    • ‘Now, according to Mercury, carbureted engine owners no longer have to suffer this fate with their new ‘Turn Key Start’ or TKS system, which promises consistent and instant cold starts.’
    • ‘Such a situation may be okay in a carbureted gas engine (these cars leave the line on an rpm chip), but it is devastating to blown alcohol engines, especially at 10,000 rpm, and can cause severe damage.’
    • ‘In the old days, when cars were carbureted, there was some truth to the warning against restarting frequently.’
    • ‘As for carbureted versus factory fuel-injection engines, there are advantages and disadvantages to both.’
    • ‘It is safe for turbos, oxygen sensors, and catalytic converters and is suitable for use in fuel-injected, carbureted, throttle-body, and rotary engines.’
    • ‘The defending All Motor champion's new, carbureted, two-rotor-powered RX - 7 experienced fuel-delivery problems that kept him from the winner's circle.’
    • ‘The engine is still carbureted, the flaps remain manual, the prop is fixed and the basic airplane is very much the same machine it has been since Piper switched from the Hershey-bar wing to the semi-tapered Warrior airfoil in 1976.’
    • ‘The traditional boat ‘kicker’ is a carbureted two-stroke engine ranging from 2 hp to 300 hp, and even higher horsepower for specially tuned racing engines.’
    • ‘The first 1952 Twin Bonanzas were fitted with a pair of geared, carbureted, 260-hp Lycoming engines, but the last five years of model - 50 production featured power escalated to 340 hp/side.’
    • ‘The big cabin offered more space than a Bonanza or even a Mooney, while the carbureted Lycoming O - 360 pushed the airplane along at 135 to 140 knots.’
    • ‘Thirty-two years after seeing Garlits run 200 with a supercharged nitro-burning dragster, Rossi's carbureted, gas-burning A / Altered ran 200 at Maryland's Cecil County Dragway in 1996.’
    • ‘And the ‘84 and ‘85 carbureted models were the worst.’
    • ‘The wonderful roar of the carburetted Kawasaki ram-air engine made the hairs on your neck stand up.’
    • ‘The carbureted entry recorded bests of 8.46 and 176 mph in 1960, and though it was upgraded with fuel injection for the 1961 and 1962 seasons, it never exceeded its earlier performances.’
    • ‘It's amazing that the huge U.S. Nationals crowd, perhaps jaded by the spectacle of 320-mph Top Fuel dragsters and Funny Cars, would take such an interest in these now-antique, carbureted factory hot rods!’


Early 19th century: from archaic carburet ‘carbide’ + -ed.