Definition of carburation in English:



mass noun
  • The process of mixing air with a fine spray of liquid hydrocarbon fuel, as in an internal combustion engine.

    • ‘In some cases, carburation which has been properly set up in particular conditions can then be upset by certain factors.’
    • ‘The standard FJ carburation is designed for performance throughout the entire rev range.’
    • ‘When trying to improve your Mini's breathing efficiency, carburation and inlet manifolds are open to as much speculation as other ` performance enhancing’ components.’
    • ‘Then he calls in the shop foreman who examines it in more detail, calling in the mechanic or the electrician and carburation expert, each to carry out the requisite work in his particular specialty.’
    • ‘The invention concerns a method for supplying fuel for a dual-fuel carburation injection internal combustion engine capable of being selectively supplied, in a carburation mode, with a first fuel or, in another carburation mode with a second fuel.’
    • ‘Whether the slow pick-up from a standing start is down to this, or gearing or carburation problems, it's just not right.’
    • ‘The leaner the carburation, the higher the temperature and vice-versa.’
    • ‘It is an object of the invention to provide an improved carburation device in which the aforementioned disadvantages are overcome, at least to a substantial extent.’
    • ‘To correctly adjust the air/fuel ration of the carburation an air-fuel analyzer should be used.’
    • ‘It's the first time I've used this type and so matching the programming to the carburation is going to keep us busy.’


Late 19th century: from archaic carburet ‘combine or charge with a hydrocarbon’ + -ation.