Definition of carboxylate in English:



  • A salt or ester of a carboxylic acid.

    • ‘The ability to mine P is attributed to the development of specialized ‘proteoid’ or ‘cluster’ roots that exude large quantities of carboxylates and phosphatases.’
    • ‘The Hill coefficient should distinguish between amides near an isolated carboxylate and amides interacting with multiple carboxylates.’
    • ‘What is more, the indicator has two proton-binding sites: the oxyanion of the xanthene ring and the carboxylate of the benzene as independent sites, which can also exchange protons among themselves.’
    • ‘Alkaline earth metal ions more readily bind ‘hard’ ligands such as phosphates, carboxylates, and hydroxyl groups.’
    • ‘Such a low pH value suggests that at higher pH the protonation of a carboxylate, forming a hydrogen bond, would break this interaction leading to a destabilization and a change in the heme pocket crucial to catalysis.’


[with object]Chemistry
  • Add a carboxyl group to (a compound)

    ‘warfarin prevents vitamin K from carboxylating the vitamin K-dependent clotting factors’
    • ‘Depending on ratios of CO 2 to O 2 at binding sites of ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase, ribulose bisphosphate is either carboxylated or oxygenated.’
    • ‘As the name of the enzyme implies, pyruvate is carboxylated to form oxaloacetate.’
    • ‘The optically trapped carboxylated bead is attached to the cationic vesicle adhered onto a glass coverslip, by electrostatic interactions.’
    • ‘It is suggested that mitochondrial pyruvate is partly oxidized by the TCA cycle and is partly exported to the cytoplasm where it is carboxylated to form malate 1-for continued export to the apoplast.’
    • ‘Lack of proton-pumping activity has also been found in heterologously expressed Neurospora rhodopsin, which has carboxylated residues at both the Schiff base proton donor and acceptor positions, as does GtR1.’