Definition of carborundum in English:



mass nountrademark
  • A very hard black solid consisting of silicon carbide, used as an abrasive.

    • ‘Surfaces can be smoothed down by rasps, files, and rifflers or by carborundum and emery, and the addition of water avoids a build-up of dust.’
    • ‘The upper epidermis of the leaf was abraded with carborundum.’
    • ‘Before inoculating, 600-mesh carborundum was dusted on the leaves.’
    • ‘A compound known as silicon carbide, also known as carborundum, is one of the hardest substances known.’
    • ‘Control plants were also dusted with carborundum and mock inoculated with a sample volume of potassium phosphate buffer.’


Late 19th century (originally US, as a trademark): blend of carbon and corundum.