Definition of carbonatite in English:



  • A lava or other igneous rock composed chiefly of carbonates rather than silicates.

    ‘unusual magmas such as carbonatites’
    mass noun ‘carbonatite is rich in calcium carbonate’
    • ‘Subordinate volumes of carbonatite and lamprophyre magmas are also present.’
    • ‘The rock turned out to be an apatite-bearing carbonatite.’
    • ‘Next in abundance, although rare in comparison to silicate rocks, are carbonate-based magmas and lavas known as carbonatites, which have little (less than 15 per cent by weight) or no silica content.’
    • ‘It consists of gabbroic, ultramafic and alkaline rocks, mafic dyke swarms and carbonatites.’
    • ‘Indeed, pegmatites from gabbros to granites to carbonatites to anorthosites are known.’