Definition of carbon steel in English:

carbon steel


mass noun
  • Steel in which the main alloying element is carbon.

    • ‘It can also be used on plastics and fiberglass and for polishing stainless steel, high carbon steel, or bronze.’
    • ‘When carbon steel is quenched in the baths at constant temperatures, the velocity of austenite transformation is found to depend on temperature.’
    • ‘The 4-inch hunting blade and hatchet ale both manufactured of XT80 stainless steel while the accessory blades are carbon steel.’
    • ‘I prefer carbon steel to stainless because I have always believed that the steel for a blade should be chosen for its ability to take and hold an edge rather than because it is easy to clean.’
    • ‘The melding of the two steels imparted the ductility of iron to the hardness and edge-holding qualities of carbon steel.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, alloying can make changes in the atmospheric-corrosion rate of carbon steel.’
    • ‘Special steels have been produced for this purpose, known as finishing steels, which are capable of retaining a keen cutting edge for much longer periods than carbon steel used under similar conditions.’
    • ‘Both are IDPA-approved and available in blued carbon steel or stainless steel for $33.’
    • ‘Averaged over all types of structures, aluminum components usually weigh about one-half that of carbon steel or stainless steel members.’
    • ‘The matrix metals include iron, carbon steel, nickel-based alloys, cobalt-based alloys, and copper-based alloys.’
    • ‘The tool, which turned up in Holland, is the oldest tool to be discovered in Europe made from the rare alloy, ultrahigh carbon steel.’
    • ‘Steels with 0,5% nickel are similar to carbon steel, but are stronger, on account of the finer pearlite formed and the presence of nickel in solution in the ferrite.’
    • ‘Eleven witnesses, including cops and firefighters, either see the crash or rush to the scene within 15 minutes to watch the flames from the molten metal - mostly carbon steel - that covers the ground.’
    • ‘To drill metal you need to buy at least carbon steel.’
    • ‘Even the trigger blade and trigger guard are made of blued carbon steel.’
    • ‘Steels are sometimes given names based on their principal alloy such as carbon steel, chrome-manganese steel, chrome-molybdenum steel, etc.’
    • ‘Different joint preparations can be used to avoid the possible pickup of carbon steel in the clad alloy weld.’
    • ‘These four types of steels have higher yield strengths than mild carbon steel in the as-hot-rolled condition.’
    • ‘Exports of finished carbon steel during 2002-03 rose by an industry-wide average of 13 per cent and crossed 3 million tonnes for the first time.’
    • ‘In comparison with a structural steel hardened in a furnace cheaper carbon steel can be used with higher strength after induction hardening.’