Definition of carbon paper in English:

carbon paper


mass noun
  • Thin paper coated with carbon or another pigmented substance, used for making a second impression of a document as it is being written or typed.

    • ‘After their compositions were approved, the students transferred them to the linoleum, using graphite or carbon paper.’
    • ‘He grumpily announced that he wasn't going to argue with me (which was nice) and let me write down my chosen price and credit card number on his carbon paper and moved on.’
    • ‘Back then, we typed everything, and we probably used carbon paper.’
    • ‘Documents are copied with carbon paper and then held together by straight pins; staplers are largely unknown.’
    • ‘I also noticed two sheets of carbon paper on each tablet and I had no idea what they were for.’
    • ‘Her drawings of the inside and outside of Emo Court and the surrounding trees were done using carbon paper.’
    • ‘While most judges and lawyers in Germany carry laptops, many lawsuits are still filed using old fashioned typewriters and carbon paper.’
    • ‘Pressing hard on the carbon paper, children make copies of their drawing for everyone at their table.’
    • ‘If possible, that information should also be transferred to the assigned allocation by using pressure sensitive paper or carbon paper inside the envelope.’
    • ‘Carlson, frustrated at having to make endless hand copies of the patents passing through a law firm where he worked, became convinced that there was a better alternative than messy carbon paper or ink mimeographs.’
    • ‘Remember the days when a small number of copies were made with carbon paper or not at all.’
    • ‘So he got out some carbon paper and gave her a go at the pad - and she scratched out her first image.’
    • ‘At my first job in New York I had an IBM Selectric and carbon paper for copies, and we sent books to be typeset on big linotype machines in Pennsylvania.’
    • ‘And this spring, building a video for teenagers I don't even know, I feel a little bit like a kid again myself, but I have to say, not missing the carbon paper.’
    • ‘When you've got your image printed and ready to engrave, you'll need to apply it to the case so that you have some lines to follow - the easiest way to do this is by using carbon paper.’
    • ‘Since professional printing technology was unavailable for unauthorized publications, books were copied by hand with the use of a typewriter and carbon paper.’
    • ‘In effect they have made something comparable to a sheet of carbon paper and can transfer the image simply onto the block.’
    • ‘To transfer the design to the mug surface, a piece of carbon paper is cut to the same size.’
    • ‘Here you can see the clean and clear lines that the carbon paper makes on the case.’
    • ‘For most people, the high points in the history of duplication go something like this: monks' hand-lettering, the Gutenberg Bible, carbon paper, Xerox.’


carbon paper