Definition of carbon fibre in English:

carbon fibre


mass noun
  • A material consisting of thin, strong crystalline filaments of carbon, used as a strengthening material, especially in resins and ceramics.

    as modifier ‘a carbon-fibre brake disc’
    • ‘The frame material is carbon fiber and it seems to have a clear coat of some kind over the decals so they do not just peel off.’
    • ‘Plastic knives, carbon-fiber knives, ceramic knives and chipped obsidian knives - which, when made correctly, have a sharper edge than surgical steel - have very faint magnetometer signatures.’
    • ‘Materials such as lightweight carbon-fiber composites used in tennis racquets, boats, and other products were developed for the doors of the space shuttle.’
    • ‘The airframe design makes wide use of structural bonding and composite materials, including Kevlar, Nomex and carbon fibre composites.’
    • ‘Composite materials like carbon fiber are making new planes sleeker, faster, and more efficient.’
    • ‘Titanium and carbon fiber make for strong, lightweight frames, but they are pricey.’
    • ‘To complete the sporting picture, the whole carbon fibre chassis is painted a vivid metallic orange with titanium coloured wheels, headlamp casings, grille surround, twin tailpipes and spoiler brackets.’
    • ‘The car he designed was made from carbon fibre and was so strong it could drive away from its front-impact crash test because the damage was so light.’
    • ‘Weight for weight, carbon fibre reinforced epoxy resin is five times stiffer than any metal, yet much lighter.’
    • ‘The special carbon fiber material is more robust than a magnesium alloy.’
    • ‘It was made by meticulously applying layers of carbon fiber tape infused with epoxy resin then baking it in a high-pressure oven.’
    • ‘You or I might ride round on bikes with frames of steel, aluminium or even titanium, but for the elite racing cyclist there's only one material of choice: carbon-fibre composite.’
    • ‘This, coupled with the fact that they have in real terms fallen in price, makes carbon fibre the ideal material for fly rods.’
    • ‘It's carbon fibre inside polystyrene and only weighs about 20 lb.’
    • ‘Twiga designs, builds and finishes the tree houses in a range of colours, textures and materials ranging from natural wood and metal to carbon fibre and glass.’
    • ‘The old folder your grandpa used to keep in his pocket has evolved into a high-tech tool made from titanium, carbon fiber and ceramics.’
    • ‘Its 24-horsepower engine, similar to those used on microlights, enables wings made of Kevlar, carbon fibre and epoxy resin to beat up and down.’
    • ‘Fiberglass and carbon fiber materials lighten the load but increase the cost.’
    • ‘In contrast, material such as carbon fiber, or even fiberglass, can be strong, yet very thin, on the order of a few millimeters.’
    • ‘The new tank is made of carbon fibre, similar to materials used in high-end bicycles and tennis rackets.’