Definition of carbon credit in English:

carbon credit


  • A permit which allows a country or organization to produce a certain amount of carbon emissions and which can be traded if the full allowance is not used.

    • ‘President Barak Obama has strongly advocated an auction system for carbon credits.’
    • ‘Now people talk of using carbon credits to protect similar areas around the world.’
    • ‘In fact, some private markets have already started offering carbon credits for sale by owners of such land.’
    • ‘This year's budget will apparently include a further allocation of carbon credits to spur new projects.’
    • ‘The company hopes to turn a profit by selling carbon credits.’
    • ‘The trading of carbon credits could make forests an important component of the international carbon market in the future.’
    • ‘Air travel taken by event staff and musicians will be offset through carbon credits.’
    • ‘He said this would reduce the need for the Government to buy this amount of carbon credits in the future.’
    • ‘It could be as carbon credits traded on private or public markets or both.’
    • ‘Business has responded very positively to a tender for projects to reduce emissions, which can be rewarded with carbon credits.’
    • ‘Carbon credits in this country have got wind power going.’
    • ‘Farmers will benefit if prices in a mandatory carbon market rise and you're allowed to sell carbon credits.’
    • ‘Those emissions will have to be covered by the purchase of carbon credits on the international market.’
    • ‘In Europe we are the largest trader of carbon credits, having traded over one billion to date.’
    • ‘Under pressure from lobbyists, the EU was over-generous in its allocation of carbon credits.’
    • ‘Those wishing to use more energy would be forced to buy low-carbon technology or purchase carbon credits.’
    • ‘The Minister said in his reply to me that my supplementary question was about carbon credits.’
    • ‘The value of a carbon credit plummeted.’
    • ‘Companies who go over the limit have to purchase carbon credits elsewhere.’
    • ‘It will not continue to need carbon credits.’