Definition of carbon copy in English:

carbon copy


  • 1A copy of written or typed material made with carbon paper.

    ‘the files were filled with carbon copies’
    • ‘As to where the officer's knowledge that the document is made by use of a carbon copy or pre-assembled sheets, that, too constitutes a prima facie copy.’
    • ‘And, as anyone who has ever signed a receipt can tell you, a carbon copy is literally pale in comparison to the original.’
    • ‘Pupils wishing to leave school during the day will be given a carbon copy of a signed slip on production of an appropriate letter, note or telephone call that must then be carried with them.’
    • ‘This collection consists of two short story manuscripts, a carbon copy of a thesis, and records of thesis-related expenditures.’
    • ‘In more ways than one, because there were no photocopiers, and even if you had made a carbon copy when you typed out your book, that copy was likely to be somewhat untidy.’
    • ‘What is anyone going to say that won't be a carbon copy of what we wrote after 9 / 11, after Bali, after Beslan, after Madrid?’
    • ‘In the days before xerox machines, a carbon copy was the best way of replicating a piece of writing.’
    • ‘He was greeted joyously by a policeman who told him to relax and then started taking down the report not on an official document, but a scrap of paper with a carbon copy.’
    • ‘Attach a carbon copy of the shop's record of your inventory.’
    • ‘When staff were again busy he would tear the top copy off and drop the carbon copy over the counter.’
    copy, reproduction, duplicate, photocopy, mimeograph, mimeo, replica, likeness, carbon, carbon copy, print, reprint, offprint, image
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    1. 1.1A person or thing identical or very similar to another.
      ‘the children were carbon copies of their father’
      • ‘That's because consumers are under the impression that a clone is essentially a carbon copy of the original animal, critics say.’
      • ‘Tall, dark-haired, and lean, he was the carbon copy of his father except for the brilliant green eyes which he had inherited from his mother.’
      • ‘It was a carbon copy of my science class from the previous year.’
      • ‘Asked were there any previous convictions for a similar offence he told the court the defendant had committed another similar incident which was a carbon copy of the July 9 offence.’
      • ‘As far as she was concerned, their son was a carbon copy of his father.’
      • ‘Although sheep, mice and pigs have been cloned, scientists have not yet produced a carbon copy of any primate.’
      • ‘It was a carbon-copy of the first, and just as belligerent.’
      • ‘It's a carbon copy of his triumph in 2001, also after being written off early in the election year.’
      • ‘But why make a carbon copy of the original version?’
      • ‘Almost a carbon copy of the previous year's finale, with the All Blacks again on the receiving end.’
      • ‘The sounds are nothing groundbreaking, but at least each song is not a carbon copy of the previous track.’
      • ‘In reality though, Disney's version was never intended as a carbon copy of the classic work of Lewis Carroll.’
      • ‘Will it result in a carbon copy of the end of WWI or a carbon copy of the end of WWII?’
      • ‘The bears will suggest that the Black Cycle is almost a carbon copy of the Teal Cycle and a repeat of the price action in the 1980s is in store.’
      • ‘I'd been told, as a child, I got my looks purely from my father's side, that I was a carbon copy of Aunty Linda at the same age.’
      • ‘Democrats are betting that the current recession will be a carbon copy of the last recession, which officially began in July 1990 and ended in March 1991.’
      • ‘In other cricket, the second England v Zimbabwe match was a carbon copy of the first.’
      • ‘The strategy paper is virtually a carbon copy of documents produced by the British in 1945 and the French in the 1950s.’
      • ‘At a festival all the bands who are playing have to have strong songs - and the live show shouldn't just be a carbon copy of the record.’
      • ‘For example, formulations of aims contained in the guidance documents are as a rule reduced to tasks of corresponding kinds of TS or at worst are a carbon copy of the general tasks.’
      matching, identical, alike, duplicate, carbon-copy, twin, paired, coupled, double, indistinguishable, interchangeable, corresponding, equivalent, parallel, like, like peas in a pod, like two peas in a pod, comparable, similar, correlative, congruent, tallying, agreeing, concordant, consonant
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carbon copy