Definition of carbon capture and storage in English:

carbon capture and storage


mass noun
  • The process of trapping carbon dioxide produced by burning fossil fuels or other chemical or biological process and storing it in such a way that it is unable to affect the atmosphere.

    • ‘In principle, carbon capture and storage (CCS) could reduce emissions from power stations by 80% to 90%.’
    • ‘But as I said, carbon capture and storage is strategically important and it actually really is making a big difference to the global efforts to tackle climate change.’
    • ‘Promise of carbon capture and storage depends on new pipelines and liability rules.’
    • ‘Carbon capture and storage is a priority, yet neither the US nor the EU has gone beyond small-scale pilot projects.’
    • ‘He will argue for a cut in the VAT on energy efficient products and for further support for carbon capture and storage.’
    • ‘The only other way you can stop C02 getting into the atmosphere is carbon capture and storage.’
    • ‘This by no means constitutes an unwavering endorsement of the technology of carbon capture and storage (geo-sequestration).’
    • ‘Well for countries rich in coal, such as Australia and China and the United States, carbon capture and storage is obviously very high on the agenda.’
    • ‘Like biofuels and micro wind turbines, carbon capture and storage turns out to be another great green scam.’
    • ‘I don't believe that the globe can even contemplate doing it without having carbon capture and storage available.’
    • ‘As for carbon capture and storage (CCS), the big energy companies would love to count tonnes of the gas buried as qualifying for allowances under the European Emissions Trading Scheme.’
    • ‘And lastly, geosequestration has been repackaged as carbon capture and storage, so that the Prime Minister can talk about it without stumbling and stammering.’
    • ‘The second major measure from Darling was an unexpectedly large increase in the money going into carbon capture and storage.’
    • ‘You might by now be beginning to derive the impression that carbon capture and storage is not the green panacea ministers have suggested.’
    • ‘Ministers should approve new coal plants, it says, even without carbon capture and storage.’
    • ‘Carbon capture and storage is a technology with the potential to make a major difference in the fight against climate change.’
    • ‘Alistair Darling announced an increase in support for carbon capture and storage, with up to four demonstration projects.’
    • ‘Other issues involving carbon capture and storage and urban geochemistry were also explored.’
    • ‘Carbon capture and storage could not be developed until 2015 at the earliest according to Environment Canada.’
    • ‘So-called carbon capture and storage (CCS) is often labelled as expensive and unproven, though most of the problems are with the capture part of the process.’