Definition of carbanion in English:



  • An organic anion in which the negative charge is located on a carbon atom.

    • ‘The key intermediates would be a benzylic carbanion, a benzylic radical and a hydroperoxy radical arising from via oxygen trapping.’
    • ‘They react with water and alcohols in what are essentially acid-base reactions, as if they contained a carbanion; they will also remove protons that are much less acidic than those of water and alcohols.’
    • ‘As a result, carbonyl compounds can form carbon anions (carbanions) and act as nucleophiles rather than electrophiles.’
    • ‘Two important examples of stable carbanions are the cyanide anion (NC -) and the metalocenes.’
    • ‘The key central intermediate is the carbanion formed as a result of CO2 loss from KP.’