Definition of caravanning in English:



mass nounBritish
  • The activity of spending a holiday in a caravan.

    ‘caravanning and camping are her favourite ways of getting away from it all’
    • ‘I have lots of things planned, including caravanning, and I have various jobs planned for around the house.’
    • ‘They went camping and caravanning, had a lovey-dovey rest together and vowed that, when the time came, they would do the same for their children.’
    • ‘In retirement he went caravanning with his family all over Britain.’
    • ‘He enjoyed caravanning holidays, sailing, and repairing boats and cars.’
    • ‘After retirement in 1982 he and his wife, Mary, often went caravanning in the Lake District.’
    • ‘With more than a million caravans and motorhomes in use, caravanning has become one of the fastest-growing leisure activities in the country.’
    • ‘One of his great interests was caravanning and he and mum would go off on holidays just about every weekend.’
    • ‘His hobbies on the south coast were deep-sea fishing, hockey, squash, and caravanning, and in the 1960s he started long-board surf-riding which he continued into his retirement.’
    • ‘We have been caravanning before and had been looking at different sites because we wanted to buy one.’
    • ‘He travelled widely, and enjoyed motor caravanning, birdwatching, and garden tours.’
    • ‘It is caravan owners who are taking caravanning to a new level of luxury and souping up their vehicles to compete with the most gadget-filled front room.’
    • ‘They regularly go on shopping trips together and Eileen and hubby Raymond have now introduced Mary to caravanning.’
    • ‘It's funny how you find yourself put off caravanning for life after you've filed past a caravan and its car lying on their side across two lanes of the M25 on a Friday afternoon.’
    • ‘Young people are going caravanning as they realise you don't have to book in advance and plan a package holiday.’
    • ‘I understand the principle of caravanning, and the freedom it allows, but what do people do when the caravan is standing still, in the rain, in some remote part of the Scottish countryside?’
    • ‘The current vogue for caravanning has also proved a boon to the manufacturers of holiday homes.’
    • ‘Everybody went caravanning as a kid and there seems to be a return to good old family values.’
    • ‘Mr Stallard and his wife enjoy caravanning and his hobbies also include cycling, walking and listening to rock, jazz and blues music.’
    • ‘We've been caravanning for 30 years and there is still lots of Britain we haven't seen.’
    • ‘Only last year did he finally decide on retirement so that he and his wife, Brenda, could pursue their love of caravanning.’