Definition of caravanette in English:



  • A motor vehicle with a rear compartment equipped for living in.

    • ‘And we got stuck behind a convoy of caravanettes on the A96, and only made it to Pittodrie in time for the players' warm-down.’
    • ‘They were driving a Volkswagen caravanette, possibly grey, with the registration number WS11 672, according to police.’
    • ‘If fire crews believe they are needed, they are summoned in their Peugeot caravanette.’
    • ‘Run and funded by the British Red Cross, the caravanette is based at Idle fire station and can be called out by any fire crew across West Yorkshire.’
    • ‘A Piaggio caravanette was involved in the collision with a lorry near the Boreham turn-off on the A12 at about 12.15 pm yesterday.’
    • ‘A melting pot of nationalities jostle for prime parking spots for their cars and caravanettes.’
    • ‘They particularly want to hear from the occupants of two vehicles, a white caravanette and a car towing a caravan, who may have seen the accident.’
    • ‘Cars, lorries, double decker buses, caravanettes, tractors, more lorries, horseboxes, and other cyclists seem to crowd around me, even on the minorest of minor roads.’
    • ‘Police and an ambulance were called to a caravanette in the lay-by at Silbury Hill at about 9pm on Monday.’
    mobile home, camper
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