Definition of caramelize in English:


(British caramelise)


[no object]
  • 1(of sugar or syrup) be converted into caramel.

    ‘continue cooking until the mixture caramelizes’
    • ‘Divide the custard among the ramekins and sprinkle with sugar, then place them onto a baking sheet and grill until the sugar caramelises.’
    • ‘When the sugar begins to caramelize into a dark brown color, swirl in the butter.’
    • ‘Not only did beet sugar caramelize, it did it in a way that was indistinguishable from cane sugar.’
    • ‘If you can, dust them with icing sugar 20 minutes ahead so they start to bring out their natural sugars, which will caramelise better.’
    • ‘Bake until the sugar caramelizes, about ten minutes.’
    • ‘Each side of the tomato will be cooked twice and the brown sugar should caramelize.’
    • ‘Cook gently for about ten minutes until the apples begin to soften and the sugar caramelises.’
    • ‘Saute until the almonds become golden brown and the sugar caramelizes.’
    • ‘If you overcook your jam, the sugar will caramelize and it won't taste good and there's nothing you can do.’
    • ‘Some cooks use strong black coffee; others stir in one teaspoon of brown sugar until it caramelizes, then add the ice water.’
    • ‘Sugar also caramelizes as it cooks, so it gives baked goods a lovely golden brown hue, as well as a delicate aroma and flavor.’
    • ‘Remove the casserole lid, sprinkle very lightly with soft, dark Muscovado sugar and grill under a gentle heat until the sugar caramelizes.’
    • ‘Melt the butter in a frying pan and add the sugar, then cook for three-four minutes until it melts and caramelises.’
    • ‘Prepare the chicken glaze; heat the lemon rind, juice and honey in a pan until it caramelizes.’
    • ‘To do this, melt the butter in a saucepan over a low heat, add the peaches and sugar and allow to caramelise.’
    • ‘Cook the apple in the butter till tender, turning once to cook the other side, then add the sugar and cook over a high heat till the mixture caramelises.’
    • ‘Sprinkle with the icing sugar and cook over a high heat until nicely caramelised, stirring once or twice.’
    • ‘The sugar in the marinade caramelizes during the roasting, creating a dark reddish-brown crust, shiny as fresh lacquer, that acts as a Pavlovian signal to barbecue lovers.’
    • ‘Cook until large bubbles appear but do not allow sugar to caramelize.’
    • ‘I had a bit of a panic when it seemed the almonds were not going to coat before the sugar caramelized.’
    1. 1.1usually as adjective caramelizedwith object Cook (food) with sugar so that it becomes coated with caramel.
      ‘tagliatelle with caramelized onions’
      • ‘I have always liked sweet, caramelized banana, and it was a real hit.’
      • ‘The duck livers with orange sauce were tender and tasty and the crispy whirl of filo pastry, melting goat's cheese and caramelised onion was memorable.’
      • ‘While testing the parsnips recipe, we substituted the capers and olives with a jar of sweet caramelized onions and had fabulous results.’
      • ‘His eyes gleam when he discusses the best way of cooking sugar snap peas or caramelising apples.’
      • ‘In frying, a crisp caramelized crust is formed that will allow but a small amount of oil to soak into the food.’
      • ‘Techno tunes thrummed over the sound system as we inspected desserts like raspberry crêpes suzette and an elaborate chocolate fondue, with starfruits and caramelized bananas for dipping.’
      • ‘Not that the cuisine is generally to be forgotten; last night I had a crepe with pate of foie gras and caramelized apples that I'll remember for quite some time.’
      • ‘The Camden burger consists of a fresh kaiser roll, eight Angus ounces, sweet caramelized onions and a mini haystack of shoestring potatoes.’
      • ‘The oil has to be hot and stay hot to properly caramelize the potatoes.’
      • ‘Return the pan to medium heat to melt the sugar again and caramelize the nuts.’
      • ‘A hot grill caramelizes fruit, bringing out its natural sweetness while softening the flesh.’
      • ‘Try semi sun-dried tomatoes, basil, caramelized red onion, ricotta and Parmesan - this is also a taste sensation.’
      • ‘A lightly caramelized crust coats each sweet potato dumpling, giving just a slight crunch as you bite into each.’
      • ‘Add butter and thyme; cook until vegetables are well caramelized.’
      • ‘This was absolutely first rate, with a substantial portion of sweetly caramelized cheese on freshly cooked strips of red pepper, courgette and aubergine.’
      • ‘Dessert crepe offerings include chocolate-banana and crepe tatin (warm caramelized apples topped with vanilla ice cream or crème fraiche and sprinkled with cinnamon).’
      • ‘Part of the allure, she says, is that grilling brings out the natural sugars and caramelizes every food, making them taste great.’
      • ‘Assembling skewers is every bit as fun as stringing pearl necklaces, only you get to eat the tender, fragrant, caramelized meat afterwards - a much nicer reward for your efforts if you ask me.’
      • ‘Her puff pastry is staggeringly good, as witnessed by a model pear tarte tatin, made (for once) the correct way by caramelising the fruit in sugar and butter.’
      • ‘I could detect no ramps in the grilled sardines, but they were agreeably soft and crispy and garnished with sweet caramelized onions, tangy Parmesan and toasted pine nuts.’