Definition of caracara in English:



  • A large New World bird of prey of the falcon family, with a bare face and a deep bill, feeding largely on carrion.

    Family Falconidae: four genera and several species

    • ‘Until you spot a long-limbed, regal caracara or a cute, little falconet, you haven't met the whole Falconidae family.’
    • ‘Here you stand a good chance of spotting such rare birds as the chestnut-fronted macaw and red-throated caracara.’
    • ‘It's penguins, albatrosses, caracaras, steamer ducks and a couple of endemic small jobs you've come for.’
    • ‘We observed several instances of Crested and Chimango caracaras feeding on rhea eggs in deserted nests.’
    • ‘Some of the oldest known falconids include a crested caracara and a peregrine falcon, both of which lived to 22 years old.’


Mid 19th century: from Spanish or Portuguese caracará, from Tupi-Guarani, imitating its cry.