Definition of car wash in English:

car wash


  • A building containing equipment for washing vehicles automatically.

    • ‘Plans to build a car wash in the car park of the Great Western Designer Outlet Village have been rejected by Swindon Council.’
    • ‘He was arrested on charges of aggravated robbery after allegedly holding up a limousine driver at a car wash, the police said.’
    • ‘The police dog picked up a scent on the property of the Esso gas station over near the car wash.’
    • ‘The Ilkley Gazette understands that separate proposals have also been put forward for a car wash at the site of the former filling station on Coutances Way.’
    • ‘The trial also heard yesterday from a former police officer and customer at the car wash where the defendant worked, who recognised him after seeing his face in the Press.’
    • ‘Your daughter, it's my understanding was cleaning out her car at a gas station or a car wash?’
    • ‘If the force is too great, a mirror may not fold out of harm's way, such as when a vehicle is in a car wash.’
    • ‘A cheap automatic car wash also would be a good investment to get people used to coming back to the dealership.’
    • ‘And then there's always the car wash at the local garage.’
    • ‘A single access road is planned from the A65 to be shared by the restaurant and a proposed car wash at a former filling station next door.’
    • ‘The car wash opened at six o'clock in the morning and as much as Adam hated getting up at 5: 30, he had to admit he was enjoying the quiet store and non-existent customers at that time of the day.’
    • ‘Having seen her only in the car wash and liquor store for as long as he'd known her, Adam was afraid seeing her in an outside environment would have been, for some reason, awkward.’
    • ‘He'd thought about three businesses: a barber shop, a car wash, and ‘something’ in finance.’
    • ‘He marched across the store, opening the car wash door at the back to the restrooms, which were just inside.’
    • ‘Mulemba said all those traveling should assemble at the car wash near the Times of Zambia offices on Freedom Way.’
    • ‘Power and Associates believes that the car wash is an opportunity to create additional income at shopping centres and retail parks.’
    • ‘A car wash and service area complete the facilities on site.’
    • ‘It would have included a wide range of facilities, including round-the-clock jet washers, a car wash and garage shop.’
    • ‘It is currently used as a petrol station with shop and car wash.’
    • ‘The McArthurglen Designer Outlet, in Rodbourne, wants to introduce a valet parking service, complete with a car wash.’


car wash