Definition of car sharing in English:

car sharing


mass noun
  • The practice of sharing a car for regular travelling, especially for commuting.

    ‘varying shifts worked by staff make car sharing difficult’
    as modifier ‘some companies operate their own in-house car-sharing schemes’
    • ‘As an industry, car sharing has shown little promise.’
    • ‘The document details measures already taken to improve air quality such as car sharing initiatives and school travel plans.’
    • ‘Proposals put forward include expanding Park & Ride in the city, introducing more bus and cycle lanes and encouraging car sharing.’
    • ‘If the urban landscape is so fertile for car sharing, why haven't the big-name car-rental companies started plowing?’
    • ‘Car sharing is a unique platform for our city to show off what it does best - bring people together.’
    • ‘I suspect that if the rental agencies see car sharing taking off, they'll move in and establish neighborhood-based rental outlets.’
    • ‘We encourage car sharing and we also encourage local employees to walk to work if they live nearby.’
    • ‘In Europe, car sharing got started in the late 1980s and has really taken off.’
    • ‘Have you considered car sharing for everyday journeys, such as the school run and commuting to work?’
    • ‘We would appeal to drivers to avoid the area if possible, or perhaps consider car sharing or using public transport.’
    • ‘As residents of the bustling city of Cambridge, across the river from Boston, the pair immediately recognized the potential for car sharing in their area.’
    • ‘The council wants to encourage car sharing so we also get free parking in the staff car park.’
    • ‘Car sharing also reduces travelling costs and could help people in rural areas with limited public transport.’
    • ‘Residents in Harold are being encouraged to ease congestion in the borough, save money, cut pollution and make travelling easier by car sharing.’
    • ‘Can car sharing work in America?’
    • ‘How widespread is car sharing in Europe and the US?’
    • ‘Although the county council has endeavoured to promote car sharing before, the scheme has not taken off to any great extent.’
    • ‘The Government estimates there would be five per cent fewer cars on the road if car sharing were adopted.’
    • ‘The perfect customer of a car sharing scheme is a car-less city dweller who still wants the convenience of a drive to the supermarket or a weekend trip out of town.’
    • ‘The Ramblers' Association supports car sharing as a means of reducing the environmental impact of driving to walks.’