Definition of car club in English:

car club


  • A group of people who have an arrangement for sharing a car or cars.

    ‘if you only need a car occasionally, why not see if there is a car club in your area?’
    • ‘We are looking at car sharing and car clubs, but inevitably, with 550 residential units, there is going to have to be an element of parking there.’
    • ‘In these circumstances it becomes economically sensible to join a car club and drive on a pay-per-use basis.’
    • ‘More innovative schemes to be looked at in this study include van pooling, cycle clubs and car clubs.’
    • ‘The proposals include the setting up of a car club to encourage home-owners to have just one vehicle per household.’
    • ‘Ideas such as a car club for the York Central site are bound to throw up many questions.’
    • ‘A car club is successfully operating in Edinburgh.’
    • ‘You may be surprised to learn that car hire or using a Car Club coupled with public transport could save you a fortune each year.’
    • ‘Investigations are also continuing to see if a city centre car club where members could quickly access cars on a pay as you go basis would work.’
    • ‘We will also be investing in car clubs - already commonplace in other European countries - which give members the convenience of car ownership without the hassle.’
    • ‘The A2B car club in Bradford on Avon says several thousand residents live within five minutes of its cars, which are based at the station.’
    • ‘Car drivers could soon be jettisoning the costs of owning a vehicle by taking advantage of a car club scheme to be introduced in the borough this spring.’
    • ‘For cars only used for the odd run, why not find out if there is a car club in your area?’
    • ‘Drivers were limited to three gallons of gas per week, leading to the formation of carpools or car clubs.’
    • ‘If you need a car twice a week, for example to do the weekly shop and to go somewhere not accessible by public transport, you could use a Car Club car.’
    • ‘In Bremen, in Germany, car club members' use of public transport increased by 35 per cent.’
    • ‘It is believed that every car in the Bristol Car Club replaces at least 4.5 private cars in the Bristol area.’
    • ‘Being a car club member, first of all, saves you money; I reckon I save a couple of grand a year in a car club.’
    • ‘A congestion-busting car club is being launched in Leeds with the promise motorists could halve their transport costs by joining up.’
    • ‘Car clubs can increase public transport use by putting the cost of car journeys on an equal footing with bus and train journeys.’
    • ‘On paper, a York Central car club is an attractive compromise.’