Definition of car bomb in English:

car bomb


  • A bomb concealed in or under a parked car, used especially by terrorists.

    • ‘On Sunday, two roadside bombs and a car bomb targeted US troops in three separate strikes.’
    • ‘They turned around to see a brilliant orange flash and then heard the massive explosion of the car bomb.’
    • ‘There is also the random danger of being caught by a car bomb or roadside explosive or in a crossfire.’
    • ‘Moments later, a car bomb strews shattered bodies and vehicles around the plaza.’
    • ‘But now it occurred to me I might be sitting directly in front of a primed car bomb with the clock ticking.’
    • ‘The British claimed the trio had a car bomb prepared, but no bomb was ever found.’
    • ‘Now it takes a while to rig a car bomb, so that car bomb was coming no matter what.’
    • ‘Details still coming in, but Israel now says at least one of those explosions was caused by a car bomb.’
    • ‘A Bradley fighting vehicle rushing to assist a US patrol was disabled by a car bomb, the US military said.’
    • ‘A suicide car bomb rammed a police station and three bombs exploded in the city.’
    • ‘Blood and carnage are everywhere but this is no battle field scene, result of a U-boat attack or the aftermath of a terrorist car bomb.’
    • ‘After clearing the area, US forces set off a third car bomb that apparently failed to explode earlier.’
    • ‘According to one account, they used a car bomb and hand grenades to gain entry.’
    • ‘Police said they are treating the car bomb and kidnapping as separate.’
    • ‘It is a question that comes to me when I wake up to a car bomb or fall asleep to the sound of mortar fire.’
    • ‘A roadside car bomb that exploded 48 km south of the capital killed one man, police said.’
    • ‘A car bomb near a hospital half an hour later killed 18, including five Iraqi police, it said.’
    • ‘This does not extend to the terrorists who set off the car bomb on Thursday.’
    • ‘As an example, consider the car bomb that exploded last year at a police recruiting station.’
    • ‘The car bomb had savaged the street and fire was ripping through buildings, with burning cars and debris blocking escape paths.’


[with object]
  • Attack with a car bomb.

    ‘in 1983 the American Embassy was car-bombed’
    • ‘To be any more stereotypical, this guy would have to conclude the ad by car-bombing Wendy's Dave Thomas.’
    • ‘This operation sounds like a well-planned piece of strategy, whereby the US forces were lured to Haifa Street by the mortar fire precisely so that they could be car-bombed and attacked.’
    • ‘And, the military intelligence HQ of the US in Mosul was car-bombed.’
    • ‘In recent years the US has had three of its ambassadors murdered, and 49 people were killed when the embassy in Beirut was car-bombed in 1983.’
    • ‘In British-controlled Basra, a police station was car-bombed over the weekend.’
    • ‘AFP reports that on Thursday, in addition to the two bombings at the Ministry of the Interior, guerrillas car-bombed a police station in Baquba and killed 3 US soldiers.’
    • ‘I am informed that the building being guarded had been car-bombed the previous day and that they will need to review the videotape and detain me for as long as that takes.’


car bomb