Definition of captan in English:



mass noun
  • A synthetic fungicide and insecticide derived from a mercaptan.

    • ‘Examples of fungicides include captan, maneb, zeneb, dinocap, folpet, pentachlorphenol, methyl bromide, carbon bisulfide, and chlorothalonil (Bravo).’
    • ‘The seed treatment fungicides with the highest toxicity level to Rhizobium inoculants are captan and thiram.’
    • ‘Certain food processors, such as The National Grape Cooperative, will not accept grapes treated with mancozeb past the initiation of bloom, and the use of captan is not permitted at any time.’
    • ‘Although captan and thiram are beneficial in suppressing leather rot, they will not provide adequate control if an epidemic develops.’
    • ‘Dust them with a powdered fungicide, such as captan, and spread them in a shady spot to dry for a day.’