Definition of capsular in English:



  • See capsule

    • ‘Different serogroups are distinguished by the composition and structure of their capsular polysaccharides and because the virulence is related to them, they are target for vaccine development.’
    • ‘Both the strains employed in the present study were of capsule type 2, which is the most common capsular type isolated from patients with pneumonia, urinary tract infections or bacteraemia 21.’
    • ‘For yuccas, Addicott notes that the baccate (fleshy-fruited) species typically lose more seeds to yucca moth larvae than do the dry-fruited capsular yuccas.’
    • ‘I have found the long head arising from the capsular ligament.’
    • ‘Thus, developing a vaccine directed against one or a few capsular polysaccharides may not be widely effective.’