Definition of capstan lathe in English:

capstan lathe


  • A lathe with a revolving tool holder that enables several tools to be permanently mounted on it.

    • ‘Items produced included capstan lathes, tool and cutter grinders, and screw-cutting lathes.’
    • ‘Multi-spindle automatic lathes provide the means of producing turned components in larger quantities than can usually be economically produced on capstan lathes.’
    • ‘After attending a rehabilitation centre, Mr Tomlin was trained to become a capstan lathe operator and found employment in 1955 at an Oldham engineering firm.’
    • ‘Engineering machine operators use automatic and semi-automatic machine tools including capstan lathes, borers, presses; and drilling, grinding and milling machines to produce engineering parts.’
    • ‘He had an early introduction to Socialism via his own mother, the only woman shop steward at the engineering factory where she worked on a capstan lathe.’
    • ‘His first blind staff member left the company after 12 years when automatic lathes replaced the capstan lathes.’
    • ‘Lathe shop has 21 centre lathes, 4 capstan lathes, one power hacksaw machine, tool grinders and a hydro copying attachment.’
    • ‘The capstan lathes are ideal for manufacture of simple and complex turned parts, both from bar and blanks.’
    • ‘Machinery was mostly for hand turning, capstan lathes not coming in until the 1920's.’
    • ‘The capstan lathe was used to produce shaped metal items.’
    • ‘A local furniture maker requested batches of 500 or so parts against a target price that set RPE on the path to progress by using automated capstan lathes.’
    • ‘The No.7 geared capstan lathe offered all of the features of the smaller machines, but with additional features aimed at reducing operator fatigue, such as fully powered saddles and air chuck on the machine shown in the illustration.’
    • ‘The machine is equipped with a working tool 5, which is mounted on a spindle 12 of an ordinary capstan lathe.’
    • ‘Can anyone tell me what kind of collets are used in a capstan lathe or a traub cam auto?’
    • ‘At a guess I think that there were about eight to ten apprentices at any one time in this area, all operating capstan lathes, and all destined for the ‘brake job’ on completion of their stint working in the machine shop.’
    • ‘Maybe it is worth taking those capstan lathes and template cutters out of mothballs, just in case.’
    • ‘They had a treadle lathe for turning small bells, and a capstan lathe for machining large bells.’
    • ‘The capstan lathe is fundamentally similar to the turret lathe.’
    • ‘The tools are divided into groups, the central section comprising the capstan lathe department.’
    • ‘We have also developed Second operation capstan lathes and our research & development works is always on the move for developing new machines.’