Definition of caprylate in English:



  • A salt or ester of caprylic acid.

    • ‘I often prescribe the caprylates to follow a two to three month course of Nystatin and use a caprylic acid product such as Caprystatin or Capricin for a few months also.’
    • ‘It has lower concentrations of allicin and cinnamaldehyde than its sister products, Garlic Freeze Dried and Alli-Cinn but contains caprylates as the third component.’
    • ‘The butyrates and caprylates present in ghee are also thought to promote healthy bacterial growth in the intestines, promote repair of the intestine wall, and suppress pathogen growth of some yeasts and parasites if they are present.’
    • ‘Capryl is sodium-free, resin-free, derived exclusively from calcium, magnesium and zinc caprylates.’
    • ‘The strontium caprylate was prepared by metathesis from sodium caprylate and strontium chloride.’