Definition of caprolactam in English:



mass nounChemistry
  • A synthetic crystalline compound which is an intermediate in nylon manufacture.

    A lactam; chemical formula: C₆H₁₁NO

    • ‘If caprolactam is found on the backup section, it is added to the amount found on the front section.’
    • ‘Our world class quality caprolactam is provided with a high level of service to build long-term valuable partnerships with our customers.’
    • ‘Most commercial production of caprolactam is via the cyclohexanone oximation and Beckmann rearrangement route.’
    • ‘Now this meant that in one go you could start from the reactants and end up with caprolactam, which is the stepping stone to nylon - and that's the revolutionary part of it.’
    • ‘China on Friday imposed antidumping duties of up to 28% on caprolactam, a nylon fabric component, imported from Japan and four European countries.’


1940s: from caproic acid + lactam.