Definition of caprine in English:



  • Relating to or resembling goats.

    ‘caprine arthritis’
    • ‘Further evidence for ceremonial feasting is indicated by the presence of quantities of cattle and caprine bones in funerary contexts.’
    • ‘The level of certainty is highest for bovine clones, followed in decreasing order of certainty, by porcine, caprine, and ovine clones.’
    • ‘Here the salesman gave a broad smile, an action that made him look more caprine than the beast on the line.’
    • ‘I stared at his crazy caprine eyes for several long moments.’
    • ‘His robe has come undone in the process, exposing his caprine lower half.’
    • ‘For example, the portico's cornice, which in Egypt would exhibit cobra head uraei, is surmounted instead by a row of bearded caprine heads.’
    • ‘Even my law-and-order father loosens up, providing the appropriate barnyard noises that accompany the singing of Chad Gadya (‘One kid that father bought’ - of the caprine persuasion).’
    • ‘A total of 34 microsatellite primers, polymorphic in their respective species, were selected in this study (30 bovine [Bos taurus], 2 ovine [Ovis aries], and 2 caprine [Capra hircus]).’
    • ‘She backed away, with what I guess was disgust, but the caprine expressions were always the hardest for me to fathom.’
    • ‘Startled by the torchlight, their shallow caprine eyes gazed back in fear and incomprehension at the source.’
    • ‘Although the entire work shares stylistic traits, such as the rendering of caprine heads and lion's paws, that indicate a probable common production, the maker employed two separate artistic traditions.’
    • ‘Kids get some as they grow, but the ‘teenagers’ - caprine heifers - get none until the last few weeks of pregnancy.’


Late Middle English: from Latin caprinus, from caper, capr- ‘goat’.