Definition of capot in English:



  • (in piquet) the winning of all twelve tricks in the hand by one player, for which a bonus is awarded.

    • ‘If one player wins every trick, he wins a capot, and scores forty for the cards.’
    • ‘The player who wins more tricks scores 10 for the cards, or 40 for capot if all 12 tricks are won.’


[with object]
  • Score a capot against (one's opponent).

    • ‘Grand Slam, Pique, Repiqued and capotted, call it what you will but you have nipped the demon of insurgence and despair in the bud.’
    • ‘I could not count a single point: so had been piqued, and repiqued, and capotted to the devil.’
    • ‘You capoted me last night at the Taverne de Menut, and I had three aces and three kings.’


Mid 17th century: from French, perhaps from a dialect variant of chapoter ‘castrate’.