Definition of caponier in English:



  • A covered passage across a ditch round a fort.

    • ‘The overall design of each battery was that of an irregular pentagon surrounded by a deep ditch, which was enfiladed by three caponiers and a counter-scarp gallery.’
    • ‘I can safely state that this was the standard armament of caponiers for guns on traversing platforms.’
    • ‘It is protected by a broad wet ditch, and in the caponiers are the magazines and store chambers of the fortress.’
    • ‘The caponier changed its form and grew to great importance in the nineteenth century, as I will explain later.’
    • ‘Flanking chambers built into the inner wall of the ditch provided covering fire across the face of each caponier to prevent the enemy laying charges to destroy them.’
    • ‘Fort Nelson was to be armed with four of these guns in the main north caponier and two in each of the demi caponiers.’
    • ‘The east and west ditches are enfiladed by small, two storey demi caponiers whilst the main ditch is covered by a full caponier.’
    • ‘These lead to the barrack block and caponiers with stairs to the mortar batteries and chemain de ronde.’
    • ‘Visitors are encouraged to examine the tower's architectural features including the four caponiers at its base which protect the dry ditch.’
    • ‘Construction took place between 1804 and 1808 although it was modernised in the 1860's when the outer caponiers were added.’
    • ‘At right, the redoubt has opposed caponiers or ‘flanking angles’ designed to allow the defenders to fire into the ditches.’
    • ‘Access is not possible to the east wing vaults, the top of the main tower, basement, caponier and ditch.’
    • ‘The left and right caponiers covered the area extending from the flanks to the back of the fort.’
    • ‘It was impossible to enter or even get near the gorge and caponiers for vegetation.’
    • ‘Type C has a separated caponier with two cupolas.’
    • ‘This is the view from the north caponier along the curtain wall, made of flint reinforced with brick.’
    • ‘The caponiers and bunker system have been well preserved thanks to the northern climate.’
    • ‘Contemporary drawings show that the cookhouse was badly cracked as was the barracks and one of the caponiers had completely detached itself.’
    • ‘Access to caponiers was by iron hatchway.’
    • ‘The ammunition for the guns was kept near artillery caponiers in separate ammunition magazines.’


Late 17th century: from Spanish caponera, literally ‘capon enclosure’.