Definition of Capo di Monte in English:

Capo di Monte

Pronunciation /ˈmɒnti//ˌkapəʊ dɪ ˈmɒnteɪ/


mass noun
  • A type of porcelain first produced at the Capo di Monte palace near Naples in the mid 18th century, generally white with richly coloured rococo decoration.

    • ‘Capo di Monte was produced by a factory established in 1743 at the Palazzo of Capo di Monte by Charles III of Naples.’
    • ‘Capo-di-Monte is characterized by its color and extensive detailing.’
    • ‘Capo di Monte was established in the mid 1700's by King Charles of Naples, this explaining the ‘N’ mark above the crown.’
    • ‘The ornate wares with designs in low relief falsely called Capo di Monte are poor imitations made in Italy and France from the 18th century until modern times.’


Capo di Monte

/ˈmɒnti//ˌkapəʊ dɪ ˈmɒnteɪ/