Definition of capitano in English:



  • (in Italy or among Italian-speakers) a captain or chief.

    • ‘At the time promotions in the Italian Army from sottotenente (second lieutenant) to capitano (captain) were by seniority.’
    • ‘A capitano is elected by each district to oversee preparations.’
    • ‘And while they may believe that their fate is in God's hands, Appel suggests the outcomes have more to do with the shadowy dealings of the capitanos who pair the horses with the jockeys.’
    • ‘Well over half a million dollars will be paid out by the capitano, or ‘manager’, of the victorious contrada, not only to his own jockey, but to the capitani of friendly contradas who helped him out in the race.’
    • ‘Il signor capitano, he's a hero, a warmonger, and he wasn't about to leave that situation unattended.’
    • ‘In turn, the state, blustering about the end of civilization like the swaggering capitano of the commedia dell'arte, plays the villainous authority who thwarts the inamorati.’
    • ‘In 1115 Piombino submitted to the Republic of Pisa, becoming its second main port: authority was exerted by a Capitano("Captain").’