Definition of capitalist roader in English:

capitalist roader


  • Especially during the Cultural Revolution in China: (a term for) a Party official e.g. the secretary of a provincial Party committee or the chairman of a people's commune, alleged to have capitalist tendencies.


1960s; earliest use found in The Times. From capitalist road + -er, after Chinese zŏu zībĕn zhŭyì dàolù dāngquánpài, also zŏu zībĕn zhŭyì dàolù de dāngquánpài person in authority who takes the capitalist road or its abbreviated form zŏuzīpài.


capitalist roader

/ˈkapɪtəlɪst ˌrəʊdə//ˈkapɪt(ə)lɪst ˌrəʊdə/