Definition of capitalist in English:



  • A person who uses their wealth to invest in trade and industry for profit in accordance with the principles of capitalism.

    ‘the creation of the factory system by nineteenth-century capitalists’
    • ‘The portrayals of factory life would make even the most fervent capitalists turn to Marx and Engels.’
    • ‘What's more, privatised childcare is a potential source of profit for capitalists.’
    • ‘Modern democracies have been around for long enough for neo-liberal capitalists to learn how to subvert them.’
    • ‘Investing capitalists came to feel that their wealth could go on expanding almost exponentially forever.’
    • ‘The fight for control of the oil is a fight for control of power of one bloc of capitalists over other blocs of capitalists.’
    • ‘Antonio is a member of the new rising class, the mercantile capitalists.’
    • ‘It used state intervention and planning in collaboration with the big capitalists to build up industry.’
    • ‘The capitalists who are now colonising the public sector across the globe are the common enemy of workers everywhere.’
    • ‘Big capitalists everywhere are always a bit resentful of bigger capitalists.’
    • ‘Instead of greedy capitalists owning the corporation, the workers themselves will own it.’
    • ‘The divisions widened between the working class and the liberal capitalists who had timidly opposed Tsarism.’
    • ‘Spanish capitalists wanted to protect their profits and were eager to enter the European Common Market.’
    • ‘Before a blow was struck the capitalists had established their economic and ideological hold over the aristocracy.’
    • ‘The Marxist claim that capitalists must find investments overseas fails miserably.’
    • ‘The vast majority of people have to work in these places, creating wealth for the capitalists, in order to survive.’
    • ‘If capitalists extract too much profit, they destroy the ability of employees to buy.’
    • ‘The transnational capitalist class is not made up of capitalists in the traditional Marxist sense.’
    • ‘It just shows that capitalists will turn to anything to make profits.’
    • ‘The capitalists are seeking to integrate Europe in order to strengthen capitalism.’
    • ‘In the very process of producing things, the working class also reproduces the wealth of the capitalists.’
    financier, investor, industrialist
    magnate, tycoon, mogul, nabob
    fat cat, yuppie, money man, loadsamoney, moneybags
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  • Supporting or based on the principles of capitalism.

    ‘capitalist countries’
    ‘the global economy is essentially capitalist’
    • ‘You could disrupt a summit devoted to capitalist planning, imperialism and exploitation.’
    • ‘That is true of the whole of capitalist democracy, including elections to parliament.’
    • ‘As you might expect, the language is a little skewed in favor of capitalist democracy, but not all that much.’
    • ‘The economic anarchy of capitalist society is the real source of the evil.’
    • ‘Some form of free enterprise capitalist economy and some form of pluralist democracy were clearly called for.’
    • ‘We have to organise a new international working class response to the crisis of capitalist economy and society.’
    • ‘Marxism teaches that modern capitalist society is a society of antagonistic classes.’
    • ‘The inherent tendency of capitalist evolution is to raise real wage rates steadily.’
    • ‘The fact that capitalist booms do not always collapse into dire slumps does not mean that they never do.’
    • ‘New Labour is no longer the party of the oppressed but based on the same capitalist philosophy as the Conservatives.’
    • ‘The White armies launched a brutal civil war, backed by every major capitalist government.’
    • ‘That is holding back socialist revolutions to appease a more conservative capitalist element.’
    • ‘Imperialism was not just about colonialism, but the shape of capitalist competition.’
    • ‘Instead they championed reactionary renegades and unfettered capitalist expansion.’
    • ‘This, then, was the first of Marx's major insights into capitalist economics.’
    • ‘There probably is no Third World debt if we adopted just elementary capitalist principles.’
    • ‘The central ideas of socialism are reinforced every day by the continuing disaster of capitalist society.’
    • ‘It may be a little tawdry, but the whole of capitalist economics is based on selfishness and greed.’
    • ‘Obedience and respect for the high, the mighty and the rich is a central principle of capitalist society.’
    • ‘So we have a new capitalist giant being squashed by a cartel of more established capitalist giants.’