Definition of capital ship in English:

capital ship


  • A large warship such as a battleship or aircraft carrier.

    • ‘As the weary Russians headed east, the Japanese, by contrast, had a growing fleet of modern capital ships, funded by Chinese reparation money and in many cases ordered from British shipyards.’
    • ‘The two capital ships fell victim to Japanese bombers on December 10 1941, taking 840 men to the bottom off Malaysia.’
    • ‘When surface combat began in August 1942, American heavy cruisers had to do the work of battleships against Japanese capital ships.’
    • ‘They are likely to include previous monarchs, members of the Royal Family, Formidable, Inflexible, Indefatigable, Ark Royal, Hermes, Indomitable, Eagle, and other typical aircraft carrier and capital ship names.’
    • ‘The Germans lost 2 capital ships (1 battleship and 1 battlecruiser), 3 cruisers, 5 destroyers, and 2,115 dead.’
    • ‘These cannons have different weapons load outs than the ones used aboard capital ships and gunboats because they are the primary weapons.’
    • ‘The admirals kept hoping for a major clash of capital ships instead of submarine warfare.’
    • ‘In the Second World War carriers replaced battleships as the capital ships of modern navies because aircraft could perform the functions of naval guns more effectively.’
    • ‘Every battle that unfolds plays out differently as small ships swarm the furious capital ships, as frigates lend supports to gunships, and heavy carriers churn out more fodder for the battle.’
    • ‘If the Americans lost a capital ship (a battleship or aircraft carrier) it was simply a loss.’
    • ‘At the root of the problem, these critics argue, was an increasingly irrational devotion to the capital ship (a term that encompasses both the battleship and the battle cruiser).’
    • ‘Bases on which U.S. military power relies, and perhaps even the capital ships that enforce presence, are exposed to unprecedented dangers.’
    • ‘The raid on Alexandria - the battleship HMS Queen Elizabeth was even more severely damaged than Valiant - wiped out the Royal Navy's capital ships in the Eastern Mediterranean at a stroke.’
    • ‘Finally, a naval convention was signed in which the nine powers agreed not to build capital ships (warships over 10,000 tons, with guns larger than 8-inch) for ten years.’
    • ‘Almost from the time the echo of the guns in the North Sea faded, naval strategy shifted to things radically different from decisive battles between capital ships.’
    • ‘Much slower to accelerate than fighters or gunboats, capital ships rely on their powerful shield arcs, point defense networks, and fighter cover for protection.’
    • ‘In 1939 the battleship, the capital ship, still laid credible claim to being the primary naval striking unit.’
    • ‘The British were able to repair their damaged ships faster than the Germans, so after the battle Jellicoe still had more capital ships than his enemy.’
    • ‘For the cost of one frigate, the Remorhaz Navy would have three capital ships off of the line for a month.’
    • ‘Lisan yelled out in surprise as she pointed at the large capital ship and three gunboats sitting behind the first three cruisers.’