Definition of capital levy in English:

capital levy


  • A tax by means of which the state appropriates a fixed proportion of private wealth.

    ‘he headed off demands for a capital levy’
    • ‘For some years MacDonald stood out as a popular hero to socialists, but he took care to smother radical policies, such as the capital levy, which he thought likely to lose votes.’
    • ‘This is evident in the detailed discussions of the debates over capital levies, Selective Employment Tax, Value Added Tax, and, most importantly, income tax.’
    • ‘Thus, leaving aside the capital levy that distinguishes the consumption tax from the tax on labor income, a consumption tax will appear to raise less money in the short run.’
    • ‘After Munich, the Radical Paul Marchandeau, who was usually very much a conservative on economic matters, had proposed financing rearmament by a capital levy and exchange controls.’
    • ‘The Dublin Docklands Development Authority charges companies located in the IFSC area of the capital levies which are to be used for cultural development.’
    • ‘The institution of Zakat - the Muslim poor tax or capital levy, because it is levied upon the whole wealth and not the annual income of an individual - is a unique testimony to the fact that Islam considers charity to be a pillar of religion.’
    • ‘Seattle school levies certainly have failed in the past - most notably, in 1994-95, when it took an astonishing five elections to get voters to approve a record-sized capital levy.’
    • ‘The estimated balance on the Naas capital levies development account is 6 million.’