Definition of capital gains tax in English:

capital gains tax

(British CGT)


mass noun
  • A tax levied on profit from the sale of property or an investment.

    • ‘For basic-rate taxpayers, the only benefit is the freedom from capital gains tax.’
    • ‘Also, you don't have to pay capital gains tax on any shares you give to charity.’
    • ‘Any rental income is taxable and any profit on the future sale of the property is subject to capital gains tax.’
    • ‘If I sell my house and leave that money to them will they have to pay capital gains tax on it?’
    • ‘The ISA wrapper protects your investment from income tax and capital gains tax, which is a good thing for most investors.’
    • ‘He would like your main residence to be exempt, as it is for capital gains tax.’
    • ‘Separately, the chancellor announced a freeze on rates of corporation tax and capital gains tax.’
    • ‘The final three are capital gains tax, taxation of small businesses and environmental taxes.’
    • ‘And the slowing economy has also hit receipts from capital gains tax and from corporation tax.’
    • ‘That way you don't forego the advantages of zero capital gains tax on that £7,000.’
    • ‘I infer from what you are saying that no attention at all was paid to the aspect of income tax or capital gains tax at the trial.’
    • ‘If you give shares or property that have grown in value while you owned them, then capital gains tax may be due.’
    • ‘By doing this you save all the income tax or capital gains tax you might otherwise have had to pay on your profits.’
    • ‘The government will benefit from capital gains tax and stamp duty on the sales.’
    • ‘Any eventual gains will then be shielded from capital gains tax.’
    • ‘This is classed as a business investment, so it attracts business asset tax relief for capital gains tax.’
    • ‘Few would argue with the levels of corporation tax or capital gains tax.’
    • ‘And when the property is eventually sold it will be subject to capital gains tax.’
    • ‘We rely here, of course, upon the fact that capital gains tax was payable after 1985 by the vendor.’
    • ‘I live in Central New Hampshire, a State with no income, sales, or capital gains tax.’


capital gains tax

/ˌkapɪtl ˈɡeɪnz ˌtaks/