Definition of Cape pigeon in English:

Cape pigeon

(also Cape petrel)


  • another term for pintado petrel
    • ‘But also additional data on the breeding ecology of the Snow petrel, the Cape petrel and the South polar skua will be collected.’
    • ‘Wandering albatrosses, Wilson's stormy petrels, Cape petrels and brown-browed albatrosses (try saying that quickly!) kept us entertained us with their flights across the waves.’
    • ‘They are often called Cape pigeons because they peck at the surface of the water (like a pigeon pecks at the ground) to get squid, krill, and fish.’
    • ‘A couple of Australasian gannets, white-fronted terns, and two Cape petrels put in an appearance.’
    • ‘The population and breeding status of Cape petrel is satisfactory.’