Definition of Cape Malay in English:

Cape Malay

(also Cape Muslim)


  • (in South Africa) a member of a predominantly Afrikaans-speaking and Muslim group resident mainly in the province of Western Cape.

    Compare with Cape coloured
    • ‘The Cape Malays are held together by their religion, Islam, and for the most part live in the Western Cape area.’
    • ‘Cape Muslims, generally called Cape Malays by whites, first came to South Africa 400 years ago as political prisoners, slaves or exiles from the Dutch East Indies.’
    • ‘The origins of these people is not the same as the Cape Malays and they are not Muslim.’
    • ‘The teachings of Islam, the religion practised by most Cape Malays dictate which foods may be eaten.’
    • ‘The museum was established in 1978 and tells the story of the Bo-Kaap community and Cape Malays through many years to date.’
    • ‘This is despite the fact that the Cape Malays constitute a community three times as large as the Sri Lankan Malay community.’
    • ‘It is furnished as a Muslim house of the 19th century and documents the history of the Cape Malays.’
    • ‘They came to be called Cape Malays as they all spoke Malay, an important trading language at that time.’
    • ‘This explains why the majority of Cape Muslims have distinctly Christian surnames, such as Davids, Da Costa, and Harris.’
    • ‘A burial site in Maitland was granted but a thing which upset the Cape Muslims was that it was quite a distance from BoKaap.’


  • Relating to the Cape Malay people.

    • ‘The Cape Malay community settled in what became known as the Bo-Kaap area of Cape Town.’
    • ‘All main courses are served with Cape Malay roti breads, sambals and atchars.’
    • ‘The Bo-Kaap Museum recreates a typical 19th century Cape Muslim family home and portrays aspects of Cape Muslim culture.’
    • ‘We learn how to mix Masala, fold Samoosas, and how to balance the delicate flavours of a Cape Malay curry.’
    • ‘The Bo-Kaap Museum, in the midst of the Cape Muslim community, offers an ‘Islam in Africa’ experience.’
    • ‘The folk song is an important feature of the Cape Malay community and can be heard on many social occasions, especially at weddings, where traditional love songs are sung.’
    • ‘Discover the unique lifestyle, personality and culture of the Cape Muslim community and their contribution to South Africa's development.’
    • ‘Served with a variety of sambals and atjars, Cape Malay curries are famous for their full-bodied flavour.’
    • ‘This venue, in the heart of the historic Bo-Kaap, provides a charming setting for traditional Cape Muslim fare.’
    • ‘According to historians, the earliest Cape Muslim leaders were freed convicts from Dutch colonies such as Malaysia and the Indonesian archipelago, but their crimes are not stated.’
    • ‘Bruce Robertson, chef at the Showroom in Cape Town, refers to Cape Malay cuisine as South Africa's home cooking.’
    • ‘To a Cape Malay household, sharing food with a visitor calls down a blessing on the home.’
    • ‘You should also sample a Cape Malay curry which you can get all over South Africa and represents the exotic origins of this unique culture.’
    • ‘From the spicy Cape Malay curries to the traditional township fare, unique meats and fresh seafood, dining out in Cape Town is bound to be one of your favourite memories of your visit.’