Definition of cape gooseberry in English:

cape gooseberry


  • 1A soft edible yellow berry enclosed in a husk that resembles a lantern in shape.

    • ‘Crush Cape gooseberries with sugar in medium saucepan.’
    • ‘Often called goldenberries, Cape gooseberries are starting to appear in gourmet stores here in the U.S.’
    • ‘At the moment he has cabbages, mielies, onions, Chinese cabbage, baby marrow, Cape gooseberry, spanspek and cherry tomatoes.’
    • ‘The initial nose is slightly sharp but it soon opens, sweetens and becomes deliciously fruity - apples, kiwi-fruit, Cape gooseberries.’
    • ‘The most common use for Cape gooseberries is to make them into jam, for spreading on toast.’
  • 2The tropical South American plant with heart-shaped leaves that bears the cape gooseberry.

    Physalis peruviana, family Solanaceae

    • ‘In the understorey are monsteras, warrigal greens, more Cape gooseberries, and numerous self-sown annuals and biennials, as well as many shade-loving ornamentals.’
    • ‘The foliage of the Cape gooseberry is velvety, heart-shaped, and may reach 6 in long.’
    • ‘As a result some volunteer plants grew in the bed - she has left the Cape gooseberries and composted the rest.’